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Will the real 2022 NFL Season please stand up!

Week 4 review by Don'ta Watkins Jr

Bad News Bears

The Chicago Bears offense is simply not good. Another disappointing offensive output for under 200 yards passing has to have the Bears fan in panic mode. The New York Giants ran up and down the Bears defense as running back Saquon Barkley looked like his old self with 145 rushing yards. The Bears allowed quarterback Daniel Jones aka Vanilla Vick to score 2 rushing touchdowns on 68 rushing yards. Giants win 20-12.

Super Bowl Rematch

In a rematch of Super Bowl 55 the Chiefs got their revenge. The Bucs were doomed from the start as they fumbled the opening kickoff and allowed Kansas City to score within 45 seconds of gameplay. The Bucs fought back but every attempt at cutting the lead was met with a spectacular play by Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Despite Tom Brady’s 385 yards and 3 touchdown effort, Chiefs win a high scoring game 41-31 down in Tampa.


The New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings would travel to London for the first game of the season over the pond. A very short handed Saints team still put up a fight against the Vikings as they missed a field goal at the end of the game that would have sent it to overtime. There were certainly some questionable calls by the referees that once again have the Saints fan base believing they’re cursed. Justin Jefferson exploded for 140 yards receiving proving he is still one of the NFL’s best receivers. Vikings narrowly win 28-25.

In Russ We Trust?

It’s time we ask if Russell Wilson is done being the prolific player he once was on the Seahawks. Running back Josh Jacobs ran for 140 yards and 2 touchdowns for the Raiders as they get their first win over the Broncos, 32-23. The Broncos are now 2-2 on the season as their offense continues to struggle under a new quarterback and head coach.

A Tale of Two Half’s

“The thing about the old days, they the old days” - The Wire

Maybe Baltimore coach John Harbaugh should watch some of The Wire before his game plan. How you won a couple of seasons ago is not how you’re going to win today. Lamar Jackson played an excellent first half while Josh Allen was a bit on the slower side. But things shifted in the second half. Lamar would throw an interception in the end zone with 4 minutes left and Josh Allen would march down the field to get the Bills in field goal range to hit the game winner. Many Baltimore fans questioned the decision to throw instead of kicking a field goal. When asked, Baltimore coach claimed “analytics”. What worked yesterday may not work today. If the Ravens don’t take advantage of having the best kicker in the league they’ll be reminiscing about the old days of having a MVP quarterback. Wins are hard to come by in this league as the Ravens fall to Buffalo, 23-20.

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