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"Wasted Talent"

Uncool all the way!! Does the looting of Downtown Chicago speak to the issues of the city, or to the misleading of the youth? I often say, and wholeheartedly believe this generation has the opportunity to be the brightest that we've seen. They are the smartest, bravest, and most talented group to come out of us. I say all of that about them because they don't embody our fears and insecurities. The only reason that we have them, is because they were passed down from our parents, who got them from their parents, and so on! We can trace most of what we know, or believe all the way back to the time when our ancestors were slaves and had to think and act a certain way for survival. This generation is so unconventional, that they refuse to be constrained by what once made since. I don't agree with all of their thoughts and actions, especially things that will consequentially steal their freedom, light, and potentially their existence. But, I do believe with the proper guidance they will change this present construct into an existence that works for the haves, as well as the have-nots... With the proper guidance is the key, as Robert Dinero says in the movie BRONX TALE, "THE SADDEST THING IN LIFE IS WASTED TALENT."

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