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"Tomorrow will bring!?"

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Everything ain't for everybody, at least that's what I was taught coming up!

This ain't for you is what I was told when I first tried to get some money on our old block. I believe I asked a few of the ol heads, each one told me the same thing. I took it the way I was supposed to, with respect, I knew they were protecting me, as well as themselves.

From there point of view, I wasn't a hustler, I had resources and stability that didn't cause me to have to be in the streets, for me it was a choice they thought. They also wasn't sure that if I'd gotten caught, that I wouldn't tell on them to save myself, you know snitch! I didn't like the decision that was handed down, but I somewhat honored it, that didn't stop me from being involved in everything else that was going on. I hung out in the same places, even recall running when we thought the police were coming to raid the spot... Turned out that one of the guys was paranoid holding the gun, he ran and brought them straight to us. But, all of that wasn't supposed to be for me!

The only time that I really listened was when me and one of the ol heads crossed paths early one morning on my way to school. He had just been released from jail when we bumped into each other. He was holding all of his belongings in a plastic bag. He was putting on his belt when I asked him where he was coming from, I had never saw him on my way to school before, in that part of the neighborhood, or that time of day.... He told me he had just gotten out of jail, for what I don't remember, but I do remember him telling me to keep going to school. I had heard that before, and I didn't have plans to stop going to school, but I really heard bro when he said I don't want to be doing that shit.

Long story shortened, I didn't participate in selling drugs at that time! My street fun was limited to doing what I did, or I got in where I found my fit. A few years later, I deemed my fit had stretched and I dabbled, that was where I really got the understanding that everything wasn't for everybody first hand.

I believe one thing that we must return to is being our brothers keeper! In doing so possibly the recklessness will cease! Entertainers, even rappers should not fear losing there lives. This mentality that has bled into every part of our existence is unnatural. Those that have overcome struggle should feel a since of safety to go along with their achievement. Those who really were apart of the street lifestyle understand working to escape it, alive!

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