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Moving Ahead! NFL 2021 Championship chase by Donta Watkins Jr

Broken ribs Brees’ seals his fate throwing 3 interceptions in likely his last game in the NFL. With retirement looming Brees put on an all time stinker against the Bucs and Brady. Brady finished with 3 total touchdowns. (FINAL BUCS 30 SAINTS 20)

Rodgers rips through the Rams on his way to back to back NFC championship games. The Rodgers-Adams connection is deadly and their offense isn’t slowing down. Rams quarterback played with a broken thumb and Aaron Donald was limited on the rush attack with broken ribs so the Packers didn’t exactly play a “worthy” opponent. Next week will be a real challenge when Brady and company come to Green Bay.


Lamar goes lifeless as the Ravens fall to the Bills. In a windy game that saw neither quarterback play their best, Lamar made a critical error throwing the game’s only interception that was returned for a 101 yard score by the defense. Later in the game Lamar would be knocked out and not return due to a concussion. (FINALS BILLS 17 RAVENS 3)

Chiefs survive without champion. Pat Mahomes was knocked out early in the 3rd quarter shaking the boots of betters everywhere. Cleveland had multiple chances to capitalize against the short handed Chiefs but the Browns gone be the Browns and fall for a late 4th down heroic effort by the chiefs coaching staff to send Kansas City to their 3rd AFC championship game in a row. (FINAL CHIEFS 22 BROWNS 17)

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