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"The Beautiful"

Make this "Allusion" great again?

As I've gotten older, more and more fantasies have begun revealing themselves to be just that!

Up until age 3, I was told that every year on December 25th, a man wearing a red suit would come in through a chimney that we didn't have, leaving gifts under a tree that I was present to see my family purchase, and if I wasn't being a good little boy he wouldn't leave me anything. I later was told that the reason I had to go to school, was so that I could get a good job and become whatever I wanted to be. The most outrageous of all the stories told to us over the years was introduced on the first day of school!

We pledged our allegiance and took in the words that we recited day in and out, while the most important part of it couldn't have been further from the truth. We were not then, and certainly not now "One Nation!"

Yesterday's unrest in Washington D.C., surprised many Americans as Donald Trump Supporters gathered to practice civil disobedience over the 2020 Presidential Election Results. Believing that President Elect Joe Biden, somehow had stolen the election, supporters stormed and looted the Capitol. As a man of Hebrew Israelite descent, it didn't much surprise or bother me. I don't personally believe either has my best interest at heart, but I also don't believe either of them are able to stop me from achieving my life's destiny. I wasn't in any shock or awe over anything that I saw, as I said earlier, we are not One Nation, and we definitely aren't indivisible! The definition of indivisible is undivided, or unable to be separated. For that to be true, we the people would have had to have been One in the first place. Over the last few elections, the veil has rapidly begun lifting of how divide we as a people are. For Black's in this country, we believed that the Thirteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments solidified our citizenship, until the police brutality against our people seemed to go unchecked. We were forced to look at things from a different perspective, and question how much progress has really been made.

It's true for myself, as it is for many of my friends that feel uncomfortable telling this truth, but our values and beliefs often align more with the Conservative Party. Those that feel uncomfortable saying this, is because it's not popular to be associated with those who are members of that party. I don't particularly care for a single representative that's in leadership. The values that I agree with are those that I don't really believe they are practicing. To check myself, and that I'm not being self righteous, I give them the benefit of doubt, but I wouldn't place my bet on any one that occupies a seat in the Capitol Building.

Is it possible that this could actually be a "Great Place, ever?" I believe that they're are some institutions that have ideal democratic systems in place that could work. I was under the understanding that systems were designed to work no matter who sits in the captain's seat, but what we're witnessing is a flaw in that theory. As someone who is a citizen, if this house does burn and I'm in it, I could get burned as well. With skin invested, it's only natural that I care about how things will turn out. As a believer in the Most High God and as someone who understands prophecy, I know there is some repenting that also needs to take place before we can thing about becoming "Great Again" as a country, even if it is for the first time!!!!

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