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The audacity of Love

"In front of every good man, is a great woman" Miles Monroe

"Your all that I need I'll be there for you, if you keep it real with me I'll keep it real with you" Method Man

I put out a question yesterday that asked sista's if they had ever dated outside of their race, if they had, I asked why, was it attraction, financial stability, or trust, and were they still able to love Black Men if they were in interracial relationships! These are a few answers that were given in their own words.

1. Okay cool. Basically I am loyal to black men,so that we can stabilize a d grow the black community. Look forward to hear more about your blog.

2. No I have not, however I know people close to me and have... I do know she prefers a black man but that is not who is pursuing a meaningful relationship. I think love is blind although there is an ulterior motive for whom which may not be spoken... I don’t hate black men that date white women... but when they are wealthy same for a black woman. I feel a way about it. His or her wealth is longer in the black home or economy existence... sadly. I don’t think we think about that...but they do and most cultures do!

3. No I haven't..but will always Love Black men.

4. Hey 🏽 No, I’ve never dated outside my race. When I was younger , I flirted with other race of men. However, my desire is to marry a black man. It doesn’t matter what side (all nationalities)of the fence you sit on when it comes to being financially secure, it’s the path that individual takes is what makes them more successful. Yes, They are more privileged, but for me, that should make anyone /man go harder in securing the that financially freedom lifestyle. I can love anyone, no matter what color you are. My desire is to Marry a Black Man!

5. I’ve never dated outside my race. I’ve only been attracted to black men. I just feel like we can relate more.

6. Ok. I have never dated outside of my race although I have been approached by men outside of my race a long long long long tine ago🤣. I don't think that I took it to serious because I am raising black sons so my choices are different. But my preference has been and will always be black.

7. Hey, I haven't dated outside of my race. I believe who you are around or interact with on a regular sometimes can determine your dating pool and or preference. I haven't been around too many guys of other races that I have felt an attraction to. I prefer black men but am open to other races if the attraction were there. A person's Race doesn't necessarily determine if a person will treat you right or if your relationship will be better. It's about the person. Most of, if not all the black men I've dated were decent guys. There's something about black men that no other race of men can duplicate though 🥰. Hope that answers your question.

8. I've never dated white guys but I'm about to switch teams so I'll let you know. (Why is that?) I seem to run into the same type guys. I'm not necessarily attracted to white guys so to speak, but the black guys that I've interacted with seem to result in the same type situations. I just feel like it's time for me to be more open to dating outside my race.

9. I have never dated another race, im not opposed but I am more for black luv to secure the black family. Certainly feel more protected and comfortable with the black man, we have a level of understanding for each other that's deep rooted that no other race could comprehend as we feel each other's struggles. I will always have luv for the black men...just wish they would get they shit together

10. Hey, I've never dated outside of my race. Of course if I decide to date a different race. I will always love BLK me

11.Yes. We had more in common at the time and enjoyed theater and we met through friends. I would not date outside my race now as I have a black son and feel it’s important that he have another black man in the household to emulate. Also for him to have a real tangible connection to what black love looks like so he can hopefully replicate that when he gets older. When I was dating the man outside of my race, I did have much love for black men and when that situation did not work out, I resumed dating black men and have not waivered from that since, although I do not think there is anything wrong with interracial dating as many people in my family are involved in these types of relationships. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate. Hope you are well.

12.No not really went on a date one time with a Hispanic guy but never went past that one date he was young and unstable work and home wise.

13.Hi. These are loaded questions lol. When younger I have dated outside of black race. I never sought to date a specific race. For me, its about who is attracted to me and how they treat me. My more serious relationships have been blk men. Never sought around financial when younger. It was about love. As I grew older, it was about trust, honesty, communication and loyalty! Financially stable and being able to maintain grow and build together. Your mind and how you think is also important. Depending at what age you are in life your priorities change. Lol. I want a best friend and partner for life that make one another better. I don't think race has anything to do with it for me. Its about one's inner soul where the beauty lies for me

WOW!!!!! I was so impressed by what all these diverse beautifully minded sista's had to say on this subject. What was more impressive was the level of love that they all displayed for the Black Bro's. This blog was created because of what I've been noticing in the media, be it commercials, movies, news, social media, and everything in between. I've been aware of the assault on the Black Family, and it's always alarming to me being a Black Man, with Black Family Interests. I'm not against real love in any healthy and natural form, but I'm not cool with anybody trying to pull me and my queen apart, collectively speaking. I've noticed that the media has made it a regularity to promote interracial dating, and more specifically Black Women, and White Men. A few sista's in their answers highlighted that this has been happening with Black Men and White Women for years as well, and I agree! Being very aware of that fact, but also noticing that Black Men have been decreasing in all situations pertaining to media, and of course there is a element of homosexuality that I choose not to talk about in this blog, but is there. I could say strong Black Males to be more specific, but that could be taken as subjective, because what is the definition of strong! To love a Black Woman, the creation through which the Creator gave all of us life is to me the definition of strength, but again, that's subjective! My desire of this blog, which will be part one, was to gain a little knowledge as to why sista's seem to be headed in another direction. Considering the answers that were given by 100% of those sista's that answered, I realize that the vision that I had been getting has been 100% fraudulent, and no doubt on purpose. The question that I have now is, do the brotha's share the same passion for our sista's, and if so can we reconcile, and how? Thank you to all the solid queens that participated, love you as always!!!

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