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Standing in the Gap by our sista, (Seasoned Queen)

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

This is how we do better.... "The Lord's Ram" Genesis 22:13

I just read an inspiring story from the Washington Post regarding a young black man showing up for his graduation wearing black sneakers with white soles. He was told he could not enter the convention hall or walk across the stage because he was not following the rules of wearing black dress shoes.

He was horrified knowing his relatives who were seated inside would not know what happened.

He spotted a teacher and ran over to him for help. The teacher was there for his daughter’s graduation.

But even the teacher could not change the mind of this person to allow him to enter.

The teacher took off his own shoes for the young man to wear and he went in wearing his socks.

The young man walked across the stage in size 11 shoes on his size 9 feet.

All is well that ends well, but the parents and teacher said it wouldn’t be the end of this story. They were intent on taking this issue up with the school board.

This week in the news a young black boy was told his braids were not acceptable at his school. Parents spoke up and the rules were changed to allow his braids. These are not new issues of black children being in the RIGHT place and doing the RIGHT thing and still being harassed but it does prove when parents speak up things can change. Parents don’t just accept the ok-ke-doke. SPEAK UP for the children.

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