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Soldiers or Pawns

Examples of leadership to my understanding has always been someone that is either working along side of you to achieve a specific goal, or a few feet out front leading the way. Although nice to have them working with you side by side, if nothing more but for the energy that they possess, energy that gives those following a positive charge to carry on. More often, you'll find those true leaders out front, be it a few feet, or a few yards they are usually leading the way. It's no coincidence that we call these people leaders, and the reason why we choose to direct our energy towards them. But, when you can no longer see the leader, and the leader no longer sees you, should they still lead!

Anytime the person that you give energy to, and whom you trust to make the best decision for the collective, put's the group in harms way they no longer have the right to lead. I specifically identify the young lady from the Black Lives Matter movement here in Chicago for this blog. Sunday night, the Downtown area of Chicago was looted, causing as much damage as the similar looting that occurred in June following the murder of George Floyd. The reason behind this move to destroy many retail stores downtown was because of a police shooting that had taken place earlier Sunday afternoon in Englewood. Although I'm unsure if BLM called for the looting that took place Sunday night, I was very disappointed in the response given today by a leader of the BLM movement. She stated that those who were looting should have taken whatever they wanted because the stores were insured.

I have a real problem with the young ladies way of thinking, not only because it's short sighted and extremely immature, but more because she has a leadership position. Even if she felt that store owners had insurance and would be able to recover, it shouldn't have been said through a bullhorn in front of the world. Also, to tell looters, many of them being young persons of color they should just illegally trespass into stores and take whatever they want is negligent, it put's them all in harms way and causes BLM to be responsible if anyone is injured or killed. With reports of police being shot at and firing back during the looting Sunday night, that reality could have easily come true. The young lady with the bullhorn seemed to be concerned that the retail store owners had insurance, my question is did the looters!?

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