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Sticks and stones may break my bones, so why do I let your words hurt me!

Witnessing a few situations as of lately, it's come to my attention that we as Black People may be portraying ourselves as too sensitive.

Of course, I'd like to give context to that statement, because I'm not saying that we shouldn't be compassionate or show our emotions! I'm saying it isn't always in our best interest to react to every display of prejudice and or bigotry. I'm a big believer in what you do holds more weight than what you say, because unfortunately, people lie and are better actors than we sometimes can imagine..

At this point, I also find it hard to believe that any group of people would be unfamiliar with the racial discrimination Black People have endured, including the bitter hateful comments that have been directed at far too many of us over the years..

Although the movement that was once about civil rights has become a money grab, meaning, just because there's someone that will take on any and every verbal injustice, doesn't mean that they all deserve the energy.

That being said, it's not my motive, nor is it my job to defend White People's intentions.. Although I'd prefer to point the finger at the many other nationalities that hold as much if not more disdain for Black People, our history with each other seems to be more prevalent and more important than all other ones, even to this day.

As a nation, we haven't learned to collect the misplaced, ignorant, outdated comments about us from those that are usually unsophisticated and lacking self esteem. Like bullies who know they ain't shit, and aren't respected where they come from, they chose someone that they consider to be a lessor version of themselves to bully.

Even though we all understand this narrative about us not to be true, we buy into the nonsense with our reaction.

As simple as this may seem, if someone yells out a name that is not yours do you respond with protest for calling you that name, or do you simply ignore them until they realize they've obviously got the wrong one!

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