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View these thoughts as something that can be directed to man or woman, I personally know women as well as men who this blog could apply to.

How many relationships have you been in where you've felt that the person you were with may or may not had been right for you? These questions or thoughts may be rhetorical for this blog, but feel free in the comments to drop your perspective.

If you felt that person wasn't your perfect match, did it have anything to do with your destiny!?

I don't believe in blaming another person for goals that I may not have achieved yet, but I do know there is a such thing as distraction! Just as television programming and social media is often a welcomed distraction from our reality, some people that we become attached to can be distractions from our purpose.

As stated before, this applies to both male and females, I have aquaintances on both sides who have sacrificed their gifts and abilities for a harmonious relationships. They felt their partners may have not understood the long hours that it took for them to be that entrepreneur, or artist, or executive at their company. That partner needed attention, and because they wanted peace in the home, they decided to make the sacrifice!

Is sacrificing your creativity wrong for a peaceful home life, my selfish side would say absolutely, but what if their are kids involved, and because you sacrificed your personal achievements, they had an opportunity to realize theirs!

The truth is we all make sacrifices in one way or another, and God's plan always trumps ours. What we may feel compelled to do may not be what our true purpose is.

I have also known people who would by no means sacrifice their careers for love, children, or even family! Off top, most would consider them selfish, but we applaud the Billionaire's who've created products that we can't live without.. Steve Jobs is the first to come to mind!

His sacrifice not only extended to a personal relationship with a wife and daughter, we can honestly say he sacrificed his health/ his life to give us what most of you have in your hands right now.. do you consider him selfish, and for all of you who love Apple Products, would you have him do anything different!?

Whether sacrificing for a child, a dream, the dream job or relationship, it really depends on your perspective of what holds the most value to you. Sure, a big beautiful home and a bank account that one can only imagine could be all of that to many of us, but to someone else, waking up fixing breakfast and going to their kids game, could mean just as much or more!

In that case, who has the right to say if either is wrong, I don't think they are..

The only sacrifice that I have no love for is that of time.. wasted time to be more clear! We all came with a certain amount that no matter how much we desire, we're unable to produce more of it!

I began talking on the subject of being with the wrong person, or even the wrong people. People can waste our time if we allow them to, and most of the time it's not malicious. As I've read recently and heard from Les Brown for years, keep company with people that help you grow, challenge you and motivate you to be better. Honestly, until you're able to find that group, or catch up with your crowd so to speak, it's ok to be alone!!

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