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Of the Essence

"I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of

death" 💀

Let's start by understanding the amount of time we have in a day! We all know that we have 24hrs, in which have been designated by what we've learned from society to be used for work, sleep, eating, watching television, and basically repeat.

Per society, we are to work 8hours five days a week, under normal circumstances, or the old standard.. working from 9 to 5 is the way to make a living right! After work, a few hours for eating and watching t.v., next you might shower and go to bed to get your 8hrs of sleep as taught. This is more or less the ritual of the worker.

In this ideology, our dreams become nothing more than that, dreams.. they never come to fruition because they have no time to be birthed. Between the time of work and sleep, the reserved recreational time goes to the tel-a-vision. The vision that replaces yours with the reaffirming of theirs, them being the architects of the affore mentioned structure.

Please, before we go further don't take this as an attack, I can't attack something that I struggle to get away from also, but consciousness is a great first step to being freed. One day, while talking to my daughter I realized how much time and energy was being stolen from our days!

She had gotten a part time job, of which she worked about four hours, she told me she was resting until it was time for her to go to work. That was fine, but I believe I had wanted her to come and eat breakfast with me, and she wasn't scheduled to work until 3 or 4pm! I remember my reply being ok, that's fine but, why are you giving the job soo much of your time!?

She was giving up hours that she could've been productive at something else, for a few hours where she would only get paid for the time that she worked. It made no sense to me, especially at the time when I was pretty much working for myself. My plan then, as even now was to continue building my business until it was sufficient to pass on to both of my kids to operate. That goal in no way has changed, but I did find myself in a position to have to go back to working a job, and I tell you I damn near but my tongue off!!

The first few weeks my productivity outside of the job was non-existent, I had no energy after going and coming from work! I fell head first into the worker pattern, working, eating, television, shower, and sleep. I'm probably underestimating how long it was before I snapped out of it, it was more like the first few months.

Eventually, I became aware of what I was doing, and began making more time for myself by braking certain patterns. I began eating at work, or I ate light when I came home. I did a little work before and after going in if I could. I got up on some days before the alarm, which gave me 30mins to write, or read the Word before I got going. I also utilized my breaks at work, to work on my own business.

I'm still working towards my freedom, and almost like a person who once was addicted to drugs or alcohol, I find myself slipping from time to time. In those situations, I follow a similar formula, I go to a meeting! I don't physically go, but I listen to a podcast, or something inspirational like a Les Brown, or a Jim Rohn. My favorites now are new guys like David "Never Sleeps" Shands with The Social Proof Podcast. Earn Your Leisure is a great one for learning wealth strategies. For life coaching I listen to Linal Harris on WVON on Sundays, just to name a few.

I titled this blog is Of The Essence, refirring to time.. also the subtitle is "I never sleep cause sleep is the cousin of death, " which some of you might remember from "New York State of Mind" by Nas.

Not trying to be literal in this situation, but sleep can be death to a dream, or our life's purpose. As well, sleep can also mean sleepwalking through life following a vision, or pattern that we didn't wilfully create!

I personally know that it's hard mentally and physically to go against the grain of societies plan, but at some point it's much harder to continue going with it, and that's when you know enough is enough!

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