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No excuses!! An unapologetic rallying cry, by Ashieka Daniels

Get up, Get Out, & BE someone!!!

Y’all got the right one the right day.... LISTEN!!! You did not come to bow down to nobody! YOU create the story within the pages of your book. Stop playing little and going with the flow of BS. You see what it is and that’s that! You don’t need to mull it over in your head and try to look at it in 1000 ways. Your eyes of discernment ALWAYS show you truth. Stop doubting yourself. The spirit within you is great. Rise up from the swamp like mentality of feeling less than! You are MOOOOORRRR than enough. You are greatness exemplified. Your destiny is not wrapped up in anyone else’s thoughts, feelings or emotions of you. Stopping waiting for your turn and TAKE THAT SHIT!!! YOU are the originator of your path by the choices that you make. You have the choice to stay exactly where you are. The choice to go left or right. The choice to go up or down!!!!! Maaaannn! I need you not only to hear me but to feel me! Everything you are experiencing right now is to show you who is for you and against you. No worries tho. God prepares a table before you in the presence of your enemies. Believe me, they will bow. They will bow!!!!! They will bow!!!!! No more playing second best. You are the King..... The Queen. Y’all got the right one, the right day. You are THE TRAIN!!! Don’t stop for nobody. Get to your destination and watch the cloud of witnesses applaud your effort and accomplishments. Your gift wasn’t for everyone to innerstand. But it was for you to see during your process of darkness the heart of those that you call friend, family, teacher, coach, mentor etc. FYI the darkness I speak of is the period of development. The period of training. The period of growth and renewal. So what are their hearts saying? Does it line up with what you desire? If not remember you always have a choice! What is it you’re learning from all of this? Remember it’s ALWAYS for your highest and greatest good. Surround yourself with people who truly believe in you not those just doing fake A$$ lip service. Miss me wit dat!!!! Check their energy at the door!!! If it don’t line up tell em to move around. Y’all got the right one, the right day. If you don’t like it create something new. If they don’t want you then leave. Love yourself enough to only wanna be were your energy is valued and an exchange of energy is equally beneficial. Be bold as a lion. Go get what’s yours and stop waiting for hand outs. Stop waiting for someone to pick you. F that!!! When you put in the work no one will be able to diminish your shine. Son Shine. Sun Shine on me. You’re the author and illustrator. Now picture what it is you truly desire manifesting. Just. Like. That! Don’t wait in lines. make the lines Don’t wait for the applause celebrate yourself If opportunity doesn’t present itself use your inner alchemy and create the very opportunity you desire. Y’all got the right one!!! Love on yo self and water the seed! Asè? Asè!!!

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