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NFL Week 3 Recap w D. Watkins Jr

The Buck Stops Here

In what may have been their last game against one another, future Hall of Fame quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady watched their defenses take over the game. A short handed Bucs team climbed back on the final drive but made a critical mistake as they were flagged for a delay of game on their two point conversion attempt. Green Bay’s defense stepped up on the final play and stopped a would-be game tying play. Packers win 14-12 in Tampa.

Trouble In Paradise

The Chiefs have been dominant over the past few years led by Pat Mahomes. Going into Indianapolis 2-0 against the 0-1-1 Colts, they were heavy favorites. From kickoff it became evident that the Chiefs weren’t prepared for their opponent as they missed extra points, field goals and dropped a touchdown. The Colts was drive down the field late scoring a touchdown with less than a minute left. Down only 3 points the Chiefs just need field goal range to tie when Pat Mahomes throws a surprising interception to end the game. Colts shock the world winning 20-17.

3 the Hard Way

The Miami Dolphins are now 3-0 after taking down the AFC favorite Buffalo Bills. It wasn’t the shootout that many expected but a close game throughout. The Dolphins defense forced some unusual mistakes from Bills QB Josh Allen. The Dolphins are the real deal as Tua continues to prove he is the future of Miami. Dolphins win 21-19.


The Broncos and 49ers put on one of the worst performances we’ve seen all season. Both teams were simply terrible. Russell Wilson looks like the world’s greatest con artist through three weeks of football. He hasn’t done anything noteworthy after being traded and paid. The 49ers QB Jimmy G doesn’t look much better but his expectations have never been high. Con man Russ comes out victorious as the Broncos win with a bizarre score of 11-10.

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