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More wine, no cheese!! by Donta Watkins Jr

"Ok so, make anotha hov!" Jay-Z, "LOST ONES"

Conference Championship Weekend

Brady and Bucs upset Packers in Green Bay sending Brady to his 10th Super Bowl in Tampa. This will be the first time in NFL history that a team plays in their home stadium for the big game. Bucs were bailed out by the Packers conservative play after Brady threw 3 interceptions that Aaron Rodgers and company could not capitalize on. No Pack No! (FINAL BUCS 31 PACKERS 26)

Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs blow the doors off the Bills in video game-like fashion. After the Bills started with a 9-0 lead the Chiefs scored 21 straight points. They go into the Super Bowl with the hottest offense and back-to-back Super Bowl appearances. (FINAL CHIEFS 38 BILLS 24)

Who you got?

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