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"Y'all don't know my expenses, I gotta buy bigger plates" Jay-Z WHERE'S THE LOVE

I was having a conversation a few days ago with a coworker while taking the shuttle bus to our cars. Although I'm just over a year in with Audaciously Walking Ent, like many entrepreneurs, currently I'm still someone's employee.

I was telling him about a trip that I had taken to Seattle for a weekend, and the subject of one of the cruise ships located on the harbor came up. I told him how big the ship was and that I had never saw one up close before. He began speaking about how much money the cruise ships make, being that so many people travel on them, they had to be making a killing. I quickly agreed, but just as quickly I interjected with the understanding that cruise ships hadn't been doing so well because of the Pandemic!

I also noticed how many people were aboard the ship, although it wasn't going anywhere, these were people who were cleaning and maintaining it. As large as the ship was, I said there had to be over a hundred people working on it, and they all had to be getting paid!

This conversation wasn't ultra deep, but it showed me how my mindset had shifted being a business owner. This type of shift doesn't just happen because you own a business, it's the same shift that happens when you get your first car. In someone else's car we just hopped in and wanted to travel across the state, but when it became yours you learned to travel as far as the gas you put in it took you.

Because of this shift in thinking, I pay attention more these days to both sides of the conversation, looking for the middle ground. For example, I hear alot of coworkers, most with umpteen years as they say, complain about how the company is doing everything wrong! Understand before we go further, I have neither now nor ever been the type to be accused of being a brown nose, or company type of guy, more the opposite on many occasions, but I see some of the emails that they send out in the sake of transparency, and of course some of the information is propaganda, but some of it's beneficial if you know how to use it.

To sum it up, at a time when everything's changing, and make no mistake we are not going back to what it was, we must change our mindset and recognize the opportunities in front of us. As I stated in one of the other blogs, everything is not personal.. we have to get past emotion and view our lives as a business to be managed, and managed properly!

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