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Late Bloomrs!

"Before you figure the game, they take control, or put the label on you, saying you too old!" MY ACCOUNT OF THINGS" JusDon THE AUDACITY OF HIP HOP

Sometimes I wonder how far I could be if I possessed twenty years ago, the knowledge and wisdom that I have now.. Then also, I'm reminded that in twenty more years, if it be the Lord's will, I could probably ask the same question! As our elder teacher Bro. Buie teaches, at 80 years of age, he's still learning, which concludes that we'll never know it all in our lifetime.

As a young forty plus year old man, I can say with all honesty time is what you make of it, at least that's my account at this moment! The only thing thing that I believe keeps a person from growing in this life is ego. Along with fear of failure, and perception, I believe we stunt our growth not only because of lack of knowledge, but because we care too much about what we think others think about us. One thing that I've learned as of recently is, that people are not paying as much attention to you as you think they are, unless their name is Karen(caring) that is!

As I've really began enjoying my existence, I attribute that to not giving so much of a fuck what people think of me and how I live my life. May sound a little harsh to some, but I don't give a ...., lol! But, I'll put a little context to it because I'm not totally immune to others perceptions, I just won't allow it to dictate my perception of life, or of myself.

With that being said, after a few tough situations such as a divorce, which was followed by the loss of a stable job, I was blessed with the opportunity to reinvent myself. It was more of a coming back, but with additional information and experience. As everything was seamlessly coming together, I began seeing myself more in the way that the Creator created me, than the story that subconsciously was being written on my behalf.

Out of this time the artist, designer, and for lack of a better description content creator emerged! The Audacity of Hip Hop Brand was founded under Audaciously Walking Ent in 2018, as a result of simple belief, and getting to it. As we began recording the Album, I doubted if I should do it, being that Hip Hop is supposedly a young persons genre of music. I'm thankful that the ignorant, non-oppressive spirit inside of me took control, as well as my long time producer Nik championing for us to keep going. Out of that experience led to what I deem a classic 10 song vibration, and the clothing line, A O H H- U..

Learning from some of the great motivational speakers, such as Eric (ET) Thomas, Les Brown, and Earl Nightingale, I've learned that many businesses were founded at the later stages of life of their founders. Steve Harvey has told the story of his own journey, and how he didn't become known until he was in his late thirties, and didn't reach the level of success that he's come to reach until much more recent than that. Although it's amazing to be a young success at what it is you were created to do and become, it to me is just as amazing to figure it out in your later years, as long as you have the will and determination to be successful.

One of the greatest lessons that I'm learning, is that what you may have thought was right yesterday may not be right today! The only understanding that hasn't changed in my lifetime thus far is the Gospel, and I attribute that to the Lord being the I AM, and not the I was.

Lil Wayne, has a song which instructs late bloomers to stay in the womb.. of course it's that slick talk that's pertinent to Hip Hop, but I'ma say, To Be On Time May Be Better, But Dammit, Better Late Than Never!!

Be blessed, and remember always to Be!

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