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"Ladies & Gentleman"

I sometimes hear "woke" bro's and sista's refer to a time when "Black" men and women were kings and queens, this is often done to dispel the narrative that our history began at slavery. Although I understand changing the conversation, I disagree with the time period that the conversation has been changed to.

Instead of going back thousands of years to recognize figures like Mansa Musa, who ruled the Mali Empire from 1312 to 1337, and was known as the wealthiest person in human history, why don't we tell more stories about when we were Ladies and Gentleman, proud men and women of what we know as the New Negro Movement, or Harlem Renaissance.

If we go back 100 years to the 1920's, we see that the "New Negro," was making strides to shake off the shackles of slavery, and all things associated. The men and women of Harlem began their movement in the early 20's, while cities like Chicago wasn't really coming into it's own until the 30's. It was a time of expression for "Black" people, dealing with the arts, community organizing, social activity, all things that lead to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's. The music was Jazz, and the people were what we call Jazzy/ Fresh-to-Def!!!!

Those were the days some would say, especially for "African Americans!" When you watch a movie like Harlem Nights, you get a glimpse of what it was like back then... "Colored" Men and Women dressed in their finest wears.... Big Bands led by Duke Ellington keepin it "in the pocket," while classy couples slid back and forth across the dance floor. The hustle was the prelude to what we now know as lottery, and the hustlers wore suits to work. More than just atmosphere, they respected one-another. Calling each other sir or ma'am, the people genuinely cared about each other's well being and held each other down. I look forward to a day that we can return, or even surpass the Renaissance Era.

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