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King's Disease

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Exodus 3:14 I AM THAT I AM

As I strive to realize and pursue my FULL potential and purpose in life, as so many of us are doing! I am being made more aware that most of us are living lives that according to the Word, are unacceptable to God. I've come to this conclusion based on Genesis 1:26 Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:. Next, we were given dominion over everything on earth... But how many of us believe, or take advantage of this understanding, and or decree!

This isn't the blog that will deal with social inequalities, how corrupt the system is, racism, or even injustice, the focus is strictly geared towards mentality.

A friend of mine pointed something out to me of how I wasn't seizing an opportunity with a mutual friend because we weren't speaking the same language. I had no excuse, because he was right. Our mutual friend had been speaking "boss talk," I connected with him, but my mentality at the time wasn't on the level because I felt he was more accomplished than I was. To keep it real, jealousy never entered the equation, I told him I was proud of his movements and I genuinely am, but because I was still figuring my shit out, I didn't see us on the same level. That kind of mentality is unhealthy, and benefits no-one. Although it's not the easiest thing to address, especially when it's your own issue, but being honest is the first step to growing through the issue. I believe there are many people suffering with this mindset, most often they go by the name "haters!" Nas said in one of his songs, hating on someone is misplaced admiration, I took it to mean, a person that hates on another person for whatever reason, possibly admires that person, but they don't know how to express it. That's not the case in all situations with haters, but I can recognize that trait in some people I've encountered as well.

I once heard that Donald Trump told someone that the man on the corner who had nothing, had more than he did, he said that man is at zero, he said he himself was in debt to the some of hundreds of millions of dollars at the time, making the man with nothing wealthier than he was. Of course, Donald Trumps name and resources will keep him wealthy to he's in the grave and beyond, but the difference between the poor man with nothing, and a man that's millions of dollars in debt and sees himself as wealthy is mentality. I often look at some people and wonder why they act the way they do, and when I say this, I mean they have as much money as I do, and often times more, but they carry themselves as though they are poverty stricken, and many might think I've got much more than I do.

The difference for me is I know who I belong to, where I really come from, I understand that if I put my faith in The Creator, ask with a clean heart/mind, and also put some energy towards what I desire, it will be available to me. Many of our sisters and brothers have been disconnected from The Source, who is the Source of All Things. Even D-Boys pray for what it is they want, meaning their faith isn't in the product that they sell.

Until our mindsets change, our conditions won't improve, and that's with money or without. You're as poor as you think you are, or you can be as rich as you think you want to be, it begins with a change in mindset. In conclusion, if you think you are a king, you are a king, if you think you're poor, then you are poor.... I don't know about you, but I'm a king!

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