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Job Market Re-entry

With so many industries claiming that they are understaffed, creating public campaigns, as well as promising great benefits and incentives, why does it seem that the process of getting these jobs are as horrific as ever!

With the world having the same vested interest to get back to work, you'd think some of the old models of hiring labor would have been done away with, at least until the employment rate catches up. I've learned sadly this is not so, and hasn't been for many of my friends, as well as myself. The actual task of filling out job applications seem to have gotten more and more complicated over the years.

The pre-employment process, although tough in itself, is nothing compared to once you're considered for the job. It seems that the process becomes even more intensive, and for jobs that pay under $40,000 a year. We're all aware that certain jobs require a more extensive background check, especially government and federal jobs, but the city postings seem to be the hardest to get. Which, doesn't make the musense, particularly at a time when we're supposed to be trying to get back moving.

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