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It's Personal/ Not Necessarily!

Have you ever had a person dislike you and they didn't know you? Or even reversed, having an affection for you with little or no personal communication with you.

When someone tells me they love me these days, it honestly doesn't move me much. That may seem cold, but if the actions are any ways contrary, it's like hearing good morning from a stranger. According to the Bible, love is the fulfilling of the Royal Law or Ten Commandments, and I've come to be understand that that's not personal. To love God, love my neighbor as myself, keep the Lord's Sabbath Days, all these are things that come with a great return if we follow them, but it's also a universal law so I don't consider them to be so personal.

Don't misunderstand me, both love and hate can be made personal, take Michael Jordan's comments on The Last Dance, how many times did he make a situation personal because someone said something that he didn't like! Often times he fabricated the conversation in his head. We fabricate love and hate often ourselves.

How many people do you love, but don't care if you see them, or communicate with them! Not malicious, not that you don't want to talk to them, but the love doesn't depend on the communication. True, it can strengthen the relationship, but it doesn't change the love. Hate is something that is most often fabricated, stemming from a lack of self love. If you love yourself, you'll find it very difficult to hate anyone. As a child of God, I see brothers and sisters in every person, and I love them all.. doesn't mean we're friends and I want to be close to any of them, but I do love them, and that ain't personal!

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