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It's all fun and game until it's somebody close to u!

"Though we had our problems, I don't wish death on nobody...Cause it ain't no coming back from that" Notorious B.I.G.

In no way is this post created to be insensitive, I know this is coming at a time where another bro's life has been taken, speaking of the brotha Young Dolph, may he rest well...

I'm seeing energy in the space of social media that this needs to stop, "enough is enough already!" As much as I agree with that sentiment, I would have to be a member of the Rainbow Push Coalition, and an avid believer in Jesse Jackson's "Keep Hope Alive" philosophy to believe that it will!

Our youth, as well as hard grown members of the Culture, listen to some of the most disrespectful music created. By now we know that this is the only form of Hip Hop that is being played on the radio, and or given record deals these days. For years I didn't appreciate an artist like Drake, whether it was his background or lyrical content, I just wasn't in... With that being said, I've come around to appreciating his artistry. As far as I know Drake has never promoted violence in his music, from what I hear he makes music that resonates in the club, as well as with teenagers. Some others to do well in that space is J. Cole, Kanye' West, and one of my favorites Kendrick Lamar.

Kendrick deserves his own paragraph, but this ain't about him, as much as it ain't about Cole, Ye' or Drake, they're all reference points to the conversation. This conversation is about healing, and wishing shit away just ain't going to make it stop. We need a culture makeover which will have to begin inside of our homes.

In my generation, most of us were latchkey kids, meaning we came home alone from school because our parent was usually at work. Although it's still the case for some, it's not the case for far more young people these days. Just like gang banging has always been a choice, but once upon a time it was a pressured choice with consequences if you chose to not be apart of it. Fast-forward it seems to be all choice, and it's not from broken homes with lack of options. In the home certain things should not be glorified, or at least taught the difference between right and wrong. As far as the music goes, in a room with all adults at a teen birthday party, blaring throughout the space is a marathon of Drill Music!

Noncensored versions, Bitches, Hoes, suck, fuck, murdering opps, if they still said it that way, wordplay switches up.

I'm sure some of this could come off as being judgemental, we had NWA and Luke just to name a few, and social media plays a much bigger part in behavior than the streets do at this point... But what we did outside was never accepted at home, so we respectfully kept it outside!

Simple math... If we talked about selling dope in our music from the late 80's til now, is it any coincidence that now the kids are using it!?

I wish I could do the math on why our youth don't respect life, when it was so preciously made. Maybe we should add the intricacies of procreation in sex education. I wholeheartedly believe the Bible should be taught, and or at least why man/woman was created in the first place. I guess I'll stop here, for I can hear We Shall Overcome playing in the background of my thoughts... Someday!!!

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