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In her own words

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Sherri Jordan of Suite 527 Realty Group LLC exudes the Audacious Spirit of Hip Hop!

"Growing up I learned a lot about life through trial, error and experiences. I was an unwed, teen single mother who was determined not to let that identify who I was as a person. I made sure I completed school because I’ve always been a lover of learning . A lot of things weren’t traditional for me and I never felt like I quite fit in anywhere. More than one person referred to me as “smart but a little ghetto.” I laugh about that now because that actually use to intimidate me and now I really couldn’t give a fu@k! I embrace it because yup, it’s true! I knew I was different though... special. I walk into every room as myself now. Unapologetically me. Take it or leave it ....

I felt like a Tom boy but I wanted to wear heels like a girly girl but I’ve never liked make up, barely cared about my hair yet I always kept my nails done, lol. Confusing right? I learned to just call it versatile. A lot of things I’ve been through in life had me questioning God, “why me?” on many occasions. Each and every time His answer was “why not you?” . I felt He had something great in store for me, I just had no clue what that was.

If 2020 hasn’t taught us anything else, it definitely taught us how to pivot. 3 months in and just like that our lives drastically changed. And guess who was ready..... me! No hesitation, no scrambling just ready. Being versatile really paid off

The new company I started in 2019 grew instead of folding, my agents who trusted me to lead them businesses grew as well. We shifted just as fast as this virus came and it would not have been possible without the experiences I’ve been through up to this point that prepared me for all of it.

I don’t know which shoe I will need to wear in 2021 but whichever one it is, you better believe .....

I’ll Be Ready"

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