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I'm A Gun!

"All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend" Makavelli, ME AND MY GIRLFRIEND

I remember Nas created a song on his second album, in which he told a story from the perspective of himself being a gun! Throughout the song the gun would pass through many different owners hands, some being more savvy with how they controlled it, others were often much more reckless. This brings me to mind of how many people I know began carrying, and or obtaining conceal and carry licenses after the murders of unarmed people of color became more prevalent in the media!

I say more prevalent, because I know for a fact that there were as many or more police shootings of unarmed Black People by police in prior decades, than of those that we were made to pay attention to recently. For reasons unknown, the light was shined on the specific ones that we know of, as they should have been, but it wasn't a new thing.

With that said, I found myself becoming almost anti gun dealing with my friends and in some instances family. It wasn't because I personally had a fear of, or disliked guns, I had some then, and still own a few now.

The first one I purchased from a "store," was after my daughter was born, bought specifically to protect our home. Since then, I've purchased a few more, without obtaining a conceal and carry.

The reason I verbally fought my friends about getting into guns at that time was because of their motive, and intention for possessing one. A few of them had the idea that they might one day have a showdown with police.. I offered all the rationality I had as to why that wouldn't be a logical idea!

Besides the officers training superceeding theirs, in a situation of being pulled over, the officer has full knowledge of their conceal and carry license when they run their license plate, so the approach will be according to that knowledge. They already approach the car two at a time with their hands on their weapons, how much more alert do you think they'd be knowing you have a weapon in the car!

Next, without having prior knowledge of if they're going to unjustly shoot you, do you decide that today will be the day that you're going out in a blaze like Bishop in Juice.. it just didn't make any sense that was worth them risking their lives. Those that I'm speaking of still purchased them, and you can find them living out those fantasies at the shooting range.

As I said, I'm not against guns for protection and used properly, but I sincerely believe we've been sold these fantastic/ romantic ideas about carrying pistols. I will say, some lifestyles warrant not only possession, but literally not being caught dead without one.. For those that live that life, or even those that handle valuable merchandise, protection is expected.

Another more personal reason for discouraging casual possession of guns leans me towards a mysterious spiritual aspect. I've had a few situations in my life where I carried regularly, and it seemed like I kept finding a need for it, when normally I wouldn't. I wouldn't say that I handled them reckless in any situation, but if it wasn't for Divine Intervention, I would've picked up a minimum ten year charge in prison without being reckless, and while claiming self defense.

Highn sight I'm so glad that gun jammed, another time was when I wasn't able to get to the gun to react to what I felt was a dangerous situation. Both in my mind were circumstances of self defense, but conceal and carry wasn't an option back then, and it wouldn't have mattered because neither location would've been acceptable for carrying or discharging a weapon. Again, I'm not anti gun carrying.. I've just seen too many times where a person was hurt or killed in spite of, or because they had their gun. Example, 2 Pac..

The first time that he was robbed and shot five times was because he tried unsuccessfully to pull his pistol out during the robbery. Every account that's been told about that night points to a robbery and not an attempt on his life. Then there was the tragic night that took his life, although that absolutely was a hit, it's been reported that he jumped in the back seat and because he did, he took most of the shots that I believe was meant for him and Suge. It was later told that he was trying to get to a gun under the back seat, but that's not confirmed.

Lastly, a more close to home example is the CTA Customer Service Clerk at 95th and the Dan Ryan. He not only brought his weapon to work, he went and got it out of his bag after having words with a customer. As he was being taken away by the police, he kept saying "Oh no, I just ruined my life!"

As everything else that we contribute as a conversation, this isn't a judgement, I don't expect everybody to agree, and your welcome to give your perspective and feedback in the comments.

I just think we need to draw some fresh lines and boundaries, so that everyone knows which lane they really belong in. To my understanding, the lines being so blurred, and everyone participating in a little bit of everything, is a major part of the spike in crime across the country, and even the globe.

It's alright not to be a gangsta, I really want that understanding to be pushed throughout our communities. Everything isn't for everyone, for safety purposes, as well as the disparage that occurs when everybody runs to one purpose that isn't their own. We need so many more positions to be played, and the majority of these guys ain't even playing the gangsta position skillfully.. I'm sorry if you disagree, not really!! But it has to be said.. Peace

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