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Heaven or Hell (State of Condition)

"What do you believe in, heaven or hell.. we don't believe in heaven cause we're living in hell!" HEAVEN OR HELL, ONLY BUILT FOR CUBAN LINKS, RAEKWON

Where we live has everything to do with where we live, mentally!

I used to raise the flag and point my middle and index finger at discrimination as much as everybody else I know, until I learned to look within.

I don't know or understand why we only value ourselves, and our neighborhoods when others do, or why we find our pride only when they don't. That in itself signals an identity issue that has to be realized. It's not only wrong when others mistreat us, especially when we've made it a significant part of our culture to do so.

We're mentally programmed to not only exist in hellish conditions, if we somehow make it away from the place that caused so much trauma, we take all the elements with us, seemingly to feel more at home.

In the Hip Hop Culture, the blocks or area where money is made is known as the "trap," from my understanding it's a way of identifying where the money is being collected.. but a better view to me is the mindset of the "trap!" A trap is something that's created to lure or bait something or someone to. It's design is to keep that thing from escaping. Without being self righteous, I deem that to be exactly what is happening to our brothas and sistas, even with money, influence and opportunity!

"Survivors Remorse" is the term that's being used nowadays! Meaning, for a person to escape the hell that they endured, it obligates them to save the people that continue to go through that hell. This also is known as keeping it real once you've established yourself as a success! I overstand the aspect of what's known as giving back, but I also know that the Creator/Lord that made me, made everyone else as well!

We've all been given talents and abilities, so most often it's the inspiration, and information that's needed so that we can save our own selves. There's only one Christ, and He belongs to all that seek Him. Removing the savior complex, and giving a leg up with opportunities is a more productive method.

Before physically freeing ourselves from hell, we first have to get free mentally! Our communities don't have to be hell, they can be a greater heaven than any of the most affluent area's, with the right mindsets. We have the ability, & the capability to create whatever reality that we desire. "Imagine, me and you, and you and me.. "SO HAPPY TOGETHER"


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