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"To all my go supporters, go support us!" Nas ALBUM DONE

cont: "cause in the hood sh_t ain't passed down through blood

We get government aid, spend it at they stores putting their kids through college

We need balance, so we can lease and own D's in our projects

So I'm asking g's to go in they pockets

The racial economic inequality let's try to solve it!"

I chose to highlight the lyrics to this song because, Nas references some of the elements that have been finessing our neighborhoods for far too long! Just for reasoning sake, how could so-called poor people collectively continue supporting and enriching the lives of the majority of the world, but still be considered poor!

Since it's known that we aren't liked by the world as a nation/nationality, what would be a reason to open businesses in our communities besides the potential wealth to be gained. Deductive reasoning should tell us that they're only there for our money, and if we can do so much for others, why don't we do it for ourselves!

This blog isn't a question and answer piece, just a scratching of the head if you will to get us thinking about a solution!

Before I get thorough as to who is doing what, I hope my intentions aren't misunderstood! I don't mean to offend anyone, I don't dislike any group of people, let alone do I have hate for anyone. Although I'm pointing out some of the players in this game, I'm fully aware that what we find ourselves in now can be traced back to a time when everything was lined up for us to be the top nation according to the Bible.. We're where we are now because of our own disobedience..

With that being said, that doesn't mean we aren't being taken advantage of, because we absolutely are. Even those words, taken advantage leads to accountability! We as a group of people are seen as an opportunity that the rest of the world recognizes, and takes advantage of. It becomes personal of course, but the issue is that we haven't recognized our value, nor have we collectively taken advantage of our own opportunities.

Our collective economy/spending power as Black People has reached over a trillion dollars, problem is we don't control our own wealth. To be honest, how many of us even know or believe that number is real! Our ignorance in this case opens us up to being finessed, because everybody else knows it now. Learning from the Italians that controlled the drug empire in the past, "nigga pennies add up," said by one of Harlem's first "Culture Vultures," Dutch Schultz!

Dutch saw the profit to be made in running what was the Lottery at that time, or The Numbers Game in Harlem. The Italians, or Mob didn't look at "the ghetto" as a worthy investment. After Schultz was driven out by Bumpy Johnson, Bumpy and the Italians made a deal for Harlem, and the opportunist have been taking wealth out of the Black Neighborhoods ever since. When all the wealth is taken away from the neighborhood, it becomes a ghetto.. without resources or minimal ones, it's just the hood!

After the Italians left, Jewish, Asians, Eastern Indians, and Arabs have all learned to take advantage of the opportunity that is us! You can usually find us hanging around their stores, few of us working for them, the majority of us being patrons while being disrespected at the same time. Relationships between us for the most part have gotten better, especially after the "so called BLM movement! Afraid of having their businesses looted, many of the store owners offered a little more respect to their Black patrons, as they should.

As I said, I understand the game, so I'm never hateful towards a group of people, I've been very disappointed in us, but I've begun being hopeful as of lately!

Dr. Claude Anderson wrote the infamous POWERNOMICS book, which I'm still in the midst of reading. It has the salutions for us to benefit from our own economy. I've come to realize that more and more Brothas and Sista's are not only reading this book, but seem to be implementing the principles as well. I know not to expect immediate results, but forward movement is still a sight sore eyes!

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