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Familiarity Breeds Contempt!


From my observation, the one good thing that came from the pandemic is that it forced people to stay home and or do less..

I saw so many couples rekindle their relationships during this time with simple activities such as walking, talking and rediscovering what they enjoyed about each other. Of course, the opposite effect had to have been true somewhere, some relationships were realized to be insufficient after having so much time forced together.

For the ones that became stronger, kudos!..My question if I could ask them would be, is the bond holding up, and did they find themselves anxious to get back to the previous separation that they were used to.

It's been said that distance makes the heart grow fonder, with no explanation as to why. My understanding leads me to believe that familiarity is the culprit!

It seems that the more we think we know a thing, a person, an object, the less likely it is to hold our attention. We always crave the newness, it doesn't even have to be better, and often it isn't, just new.

There's a reason that a magician doesn't reveal his tricks, it's actually a code that magicians have amongst themselves.. cause being, if the public found out how the trick was performed, they'd immediately move on to another magician with other tricks, and eventually get bored altogether. The same goes for every entertainment business behind the scenes, if we only knew how they manipulate the masses to control our attention, there would be very little wilful participation.

Getting back to topic, I believe more and more we're seeking situations and or relationships that seem less familiar. If you're being treated one way by people that think they know you, it's only natural to gravitate to where you are being treated better. Unlike the theme song from the TV show CHEERS, "Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name," no, sometimes you wanna go where don't nobody know your damn name!

If your intention is to become a better version of yourself, it's kinda hard when everyone from your past, keeps bringing up your past.. how can you grow!

For me, writing some of these blogs have been the most that I've opened up to a larger group, reason being is that it's easy to get stuck in a reality that is not your own. As humans we appreciate when someone gets us naturally, but for someone to lock you into a position because that's what they perceive of you is a form of slavery. I thank the Lord for my ignorant spirit, it refuses things at times before I get a chance to weigh em, some people call that discernment, others may feel it's reckless, either way I've come to live with it.

In closing, I believe as long as we're alive we have the capacity to grow! Limiting something or someone because you've gained familiarity blinds you to the possibilities of an even greater experience.

They say one man's trash, is another man's treasure.. well if it works for them, how come it couldn't still work for you, after all who knows it better, you or the trash man!?

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