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Expiration Date!

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

"Dear Summer, I know you gone miss me, for we been together like Nike Air's and crisp t's" DEAR SUMMER


Let's dive right in, do you throw the expired milk away, or are you the one who consistently takes a chance that it's still some good, making yourself sick in the process? Those of you who know, already have figured out that this is a metaphor and not about spoiled milk, meat, or anything else in the refrigerator!

How about spoiled relationships, do you believe that relationships of any kind can have expiration dates on them? I personally didn't realize this one until I was forced to. It became, the one's that I thought would last forever ended abruptly, and those that I only imagined were for season's, either never ended, or ended when the other person passed away.

This doesn't only apply to our personal relationships, certain business agreements are only built to run a certain course as well. That also includes jobs, if they desire to buy you out early from your position, please don't come from a place of emotion when you make your decision!!

As the Bible reads, to everything there is a season..

My intention for this blog is for all of us to examine how we handle these changes. Once again, metaphorically speaking, do we continue taking a chance on the milk, although we see that the date has far been exceeded, and if we do and it makes us sick, is it the milks fault or ours!?

I think we can end this one here, cause if we're honest with ourselves, we know the correct answer, it may just be time to move accordingly!

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