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Many people at some point in their lives have battled with depression! Why do we experience it, and what exactly is depression? According to some resourceful doctors, it's explained as a chemical imbalance, hence the reason that they offer prescriptions to manage it. I'm no doctor, but is their a prescription that can manage loneliness, or one that can raise a person's faith and belief in themselves when they feel defeated? I ask these questions because the few times that I've suffered depression, those were my issues. When you have a plan for your life and it doesn't quite go as expected what do you do? When you've invested time and emotions into a relationship, marriage even, only to have it end in a premature divorce how do you recover? I've dealt with all of these situations and more, and although I've been blessed to make it through with most of my sanity lol, they were not easy to get past. I never told anyone I was depressed during any of those times, not because of pride and or ego, but because I didn't know I was. It takes a close person to you to realize something is not right, and unfortunately I didn't have anyone besides the Creator to look in on me. This morning I wrote what was on my heart because I've been noticing some subtle cry's for help in a few people that are close to me, and I have to do what I can to pull them through. I challenge whomever may read this today or tomorrow, or whenever to take a good look at your people and make sure they're good! If it's you that's struggling, find someone to help you figure it out... We are not alone!!

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