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Definition of Insanity,"da bears!" written by John Sanford

If you live in Chicago, and are a football fan, frustration is an understatement!!

I cannot understand 'blind faith' in a person, a business, or organization that has continuously and with out shame, misrepresented intent and quality of product. That being said, let's take a close and realistic look at Chicago's favorite sports team; the Chicago Bears. The Bears, an organization that has 'bear hugged' incompetency at every level--from the front office to the field-- and that in my opinion has displayed an obvious bias against black athletes who play the most important position on the football field: Quarterback (QB).

First let's establish that team scouts are individuals who possess trained eyes, ears and honed instincts and whose job is to locate and evaluate talent and character. The data they compile is passed on to the teams coaches and front office. The process isn't a short one. Players are put under a microscope; then there's the combine. Ok!....

So how in the hell could Patrick Mahomes and De Shaun Watson be overlooked? The in your face truth is...they couldn't have been! Since the QB is almost always the face of the franchise, it's clear to me that Mitchell Trubisky, a QB that no other team had a first round interest in-- and who had a lack of both history and achievement--had the face...Ain't no explaining that away! The Bears aren't committed to winning; they're committed to making money and having you believe year after year after year that the product they present you with is capable of doing what it isn't capable of doing! Keeping their 'blind faith' fans intoxicated on hope and promises.

And oh yeah! I'm still salty about the "Under-Appreciation" of Matt Forte, who's second only to Walter Payton for every major record for a Bears running back. He never received the accolades, nor contract that he deserved. Check his stats and achievements both on the field, and off. That's another discussion, but I believe you'll see my point!

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