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CAN IT BE that it was all so simple then!

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

My inspiration for today's post is my grandparent's, Louise and James Watkins

Both of my grandparent's have passed on, resting peacefully their love and commitment to each other still serve as inspiration to me. As I walk back through the end of their time together, I recognize the spirit of lasting love that overcame illness and frustration. Louise Watkins had taken care of James Watkins for over a decade as he overcame stroke after stroke. Although he maintained most of his physical functions, each would begin to take away more his independent abilities.

After being hospitalized due to one of his mini-strokes, it was suggested that James be placed in a rehab facility for a time. Louise struggled with the decision but came to the conclusion to do it, feeling that it would allow her to get some rest from the physical duties of taking care of him. Although hurt by the decision that Louise had come to, James understood and willingly went into the nursing facility.

The decision that Louise had made never felt right to their two daughters, not to mention their grandson who hated seeing his grandfather looking so out of place. But as much as it hurt James not being home, it began tearing Louise up that she had put her husband away. Unable to sleep alone, Louise made the decision to bring James back home where he belonged. When Louise gave James the news that he was coming home, it had been like an innocent man being told he was going to be set free, it also renewed the faith and love that James had for Louise.

In 1998 James Watkins passed away after suffering his last stroke, six months later Louise Watkins was diagnosed with Cancer and passed away mid 1999.

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