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Introducing the Audacity of Hip-Hop University

When I started the Audacity of Hip Hop Album in 2018, it was originally with the idea of getting back to something that I loved, which was Hip Hop!

Initially the plan was to create a solo album, which was something I had never gotten the opportunity to do. Beginning in 1993, I had only recorded as a duo, and later as a group in 1997 on the La Familia Compilation Album.

After making a little bit of noise, and meeting some prominent artist in the music industry, the group separated. I never stopped writing songs, and even recorded a very rough demo around 2010, but that was as far as I had gotten with my music. As time and life went on, I always felt something had been missing. In 2017, I found myself divorced after only being married for three years, and had even lost a job that I figured I would one day retire from. It was absolute faith that kept me going, besides my belief in Christ, music had been the only other constant throughout the years.

As the Audacity of Hip Hop began taking shape, a new spirit grew in me. I learned to appreciate everyday, every opportunity, and the people who were willing to help me achieve my goals. I was able to link up with a friend from the past, Nik, who had been my first producer. Together we put together a demo that we were both pleased with, me especially! I not only had recorded a 10 song, solo album... I had rediscovered my love for hip hop, which was also rediscovering myself.

The Audacity of Hip Hop is about hope, faith, and overcoming the struggle, audaciously!

The mantra is now extended to those who find themselves walking the same walk, with strength, spirit, and pride... To those that refuse to except no's, and closed doors... To those that hear excuses of why they shouldn't, but do the damn thing anyway!

Welcome to Audacity of Hip Hop University, aka AoHH-U!

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