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For our second edition of "In Her Own Words," we caught up with our favorite Defense Attorney Andrea Bonds, of The Law Office of Andrea D Bonds:

As we like to do at AoHH-U, we went to the source and let her tell her own story!

We initially planned to meet Andrea, as she prefers to be called at her office on 44th and King drive, but due to scheduling differences, she invited us to her families home in Richton Park. After greeting and setting up in the living room, we got started by allowing Andrea to give us a little background about herself.

Raised in Indianapolis Indiana, graduating from Tech H.S. in 1996, Andrea then went on to Butler University before attending law school in Indianapolis as well. Knowing Attorney Bonds for as long as I have, I was surprised to find out after 15 years of practicing law, that it hadn't been her first career choice!

She said that her desire was to become a doctor prior to having her first child. She'd become a mother before graduating high school, which slightly altered her plans. After having her daughter at what was considered a young age, close family and friends were a bit concerned that she would be headed towards a permanent detour. Andrea never wavered, she maintained faith that she would be successful and independently raise her daughter while striving to fulfill her desire to make an impact. That desire directed her to law school, becoming an instrumental part of the democratic process, and as of recent serving as President of the Rich Township School Board.

After learning that Andrea and her husband Wesley had recently celebrated 16 years of marriage, I was interested to learn how marriage had affected her personal success, specifically if she thought it helped, or made it more difficult! Attorney Bonds said with no hesitation, her marriage has helped her professionally as well as personally. She said she was prepared to take care of her kids alone before meeting her husband, but she found that she didn't have to. She also stated that her husband plays an intricate role in her professional success being that his personality draws people in, they work well in a room together because they support one another.

Now having five kids between her husband and herself, I asked Andrea what motivates her these days, especially since the kids are all pretty much grown! Once again, there was very little hesitation before she said her focus now was learning precisely what it is that she wanted to do. Not having to be so concerned about the kids, she said she'd like to concentrate more on reading, as well as doing some writing. During our conversation, I got the impression that a book will be in the works soon. She also says she plans to continue practicing law, and possibly take a run at becoming a judge at some point.

Whatever our sista decides to do, I have no doubt that she'll be successful. The Audacity of Hip Hop University bka AoHH-U, proudly inducts Andrea D Bonds in as a member. We appreciate her contribution as a Criminal Defense Attorney battling for the innocent, we salute her as President of Rich Township School Board, battling for the youth, and we respect her as a Mother, and Wife, battling to maintain her family. The modern day, real life Clare Huxtable, Attorney Andrea D Bonds!!!!

Question: Who's your favorite Hip Hop Artist?

Answer: Lauryn Hill

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