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1:8 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. James

If anyone has ever owned a car that's needed a wheel alignment, you've probably witnessed how the car pulls in a direction opposite of the one that you are trying to go in. You find yourself using more effort to keep the steering wheel straight, which causes fatigue physically and mentally, your tires wear out quicker due to tread imbalance, and so on!

Yesterday I listened to the brotha Linal Harris' Podcast, his show was about loving yourself from the position of health. It was an informative discussion which caused me to think on being in alignment with myself. To be honest, I probably consider my spiritual alignment in some ways daily. I strive to keep my integrity by being the message that I speak. I still have growing to do, as I've recently been reminded, but this blog isn't intended to condemn, rather to examine!

Keeping up with the car analogy, we usually don't get in our cars and drive without having a destination, if you factor gas in, we're most definitely going somewhere specific with as least resistance as possible.

When I think about somebody like Nipsey Hussle, I'm saddened by how early in his journey that he was taken from his family, but I also marvel on how great of an impact he was able to make in such a short time. In essence he was very similar to Tupac in that way. Both brothas being men who had a remarkable vision of who they would be, and executed to make it become reality. Out of 10 things that they were involved in, 9 of them aligned with their vision, which made them amazingly successful. I won't get into that one missing piece that ultimately took both brothas away, we can save that for another discussion, right now I'm focused on the alignment portion of the story.

An example of being in alignment with yourself as well as your destiny, could be as simple as going to school to become a lawyer. You take the appropriate courses, you read the books that sharpen your understanding of law, and you prepare to take the bar exam. All of these things are in line with your vision, to do the opposite would be to put all this effort in when your true desire is to become a chef! Of course there's nothing wrong with becoming a chef, but why would you waist the time, money and effort to do something that doesn't relate to becoming a lawyer!?

To bring it home, I had to reflect on my journey over these past 30yrs.. I've always loved creating music, I hadn't started out very good, but I was determined to be. Although I've known that this was something I desperately wanted to be involved in, even needed to be, I wound up going in several different directions. I've recently found my way back to making music, but from a logical mindset, it's possible that my time has come and gone.. I'm damn glad that I wasn't created to think logically, my ignorant spirit as I like to call it, won't let me count myself out, especially without trying. I've just got to be one of the older dogs that's able to learn newer tricks.

No matter how far away you've strayed, or how old you may be, it's never too late to course correct. To get into alignment may mean to add or subtract weight, be it physical, or spiritual. To think one way, and walk a different one takes us out of alignment, and depletes our energy, as with wrestling with a car who's wheels are going in a different direction. Mind and body have to be one to achieve success and peace..

3:3 Can two walk together, except they be agreed? Amos

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