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"Where did the name come from, and what does it mean?"

I'd first like to thank you all for taking the time to sign up to the website. For some of you this is the beginning of your journey with AoHh-U, or the Audacity of Hip-hop University. Many of you have been onboard with us for the whole two years, and some a little less than.

However long you've been here, the goal is to make this site a home for us all.

The story behind AoHh-U begins with me more or less, and my love for Hip Hop. Although I hate the cliche "Culture," it is by all means a culture in itself, consisting of all the elements that is Her.

Although there are many well known artist that attest to Hip-hop being a saving component in there lives, I would argue that it's responsible for giving many of us life as well!

For those of us that understand that the Lord is the only one that gives life, as well as takes it away, know that I'm not replacing the most high with Hip Hop.. What I'm saying is I wholeheartedly believe the Lord gave Hip Hop to us, as he did water, fire, and air.

I won't go too heavy into all of that, but what I'm saying is I remember making it out of high school, and having no direction as to where my life was headed, and being lifted up by a Lauryn Hill, WuTang, and Erykah Badu. Fast forward to working closing down restaurants that I had been at for 10yrs desiring to do better but having no idea how. At that time, it was MJG & 8Ball, plus UGK that gave me the spirit to just keep trying. Tears are literally running down my face as I type this the same way they did back then because I remember where I was and I'm grateful. We may fall down, but it's mandatory that we get up and keep going.

So in closing, we are going to continue bringing things that matter to us all on this site. I say we because this is ours..not just to read the blogs, but also for participation.

You can participate with commenting, sharing on your various social platforms, or by submitting your own blogs to be read on this site. On the introduction page there's also music, as well as the AoHh-U/Introverted Hustla Clothing Line, and believe that we're only getting started so expect some great things.

I'll also be rewarding the site members with t's and or hat's over the next month or two as appreciation for joining..

Welcome, to the Audacity of Hip-hop, & the Audacity of freedom!

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