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Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Allow me to reintroduce you to La Tanya D. Morris a.k.a. "The V Doctor"

To properly introduce you to The V Doctor Natural Feminine Care Products, we've included the website so that you'll have no problems finding what you need ladies.

With that being said, let's get to know the creator of "The V Doctor," La Tanya D. Morris a little better.

La Tanya and I met around 2007, working as EMT's for a local ambulance company. We originally worked at two different locations within the company, until she transferred to my location permanently. We worked as temporary partners on occasion, before being paired together full time for a weekly shift. Besides being very down to earth, La Tanya was one of the more driven partners that I'd had, and most of them were pretty driven in one way or another.

Over the years we kept in contact, after going to school to become a Physician's Assistant, La Tanya became my Doctor for several years. Mainly providing me with check-ups for work, and similar situations. I'd even hooked some of my co-workers up with her from the bus company.

We chose to focus on Ms. Morris' latest venture "The V Doctor Natural Feminine Care," but we could've easily introduced La Tanya as Ms. Illinois 2019. When I found out she was running for Ms. Illinois, I wasn't that surprised, besides the fact that I didn't know there had been such a thing as Ms. Illinois! I was probably less surprised that she had won, only wondering what that had meant for her life, and why she'd done it. During a phone conversation that we had earlier today, she explained that her reason for being involved with Ms. Illinois was part of a larger picture. This was the first time that she'd shared her interest in becoming a motivational speaker.

Besides being an EMT, PA, business owner and Ms. Illinois, La Tanya took on motherhood with the same give all spirit as she had everything else in her life. Her dedication to 11 year old Mike has never wavered, while never wavering on her goals and dreams. Alluding to one day becoming a coach/motivational speaker in our conversation earlier in the day, I was certain that "The V Doctor" would hardly be short of content and experience should she choose to go that route.

Ms. Morris wasn't chosen for this blog because I call her a friend, although it is an honor to do so! Rather she was chosen because of her audacity, even greater is that she continues to audaciously walk, and that's hip hop!!!! Audacity of Hip Hop/AoHh-U

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